Boarding Form

Please fill in the information below about your dog as truthfully and thoroughly as possible, this will allow us to look after your pup in the best conditions.


De-sexed? (Spayed/Castrated)

Any known allergies? (food, etc.)

Any known illnesses? (diabetes, epilepsy, hyperthyroidism, etc) and medical history (operations, etc.)

Any known ailments?, past or current injuries (limping, bad paws etc.)

Any medication?

Are Flea and Tick/deworming treatments up to date? (We live in a low population tick area, but we regularly go on walks and hikes in the forest)

Are all vaccinations up to date? Please e-mail a picture/scan of the passport/vaccination book information page (the one with the name and microchip number) + latest vaccination page to Alternatively you can send the picture to +358 46 881 5877