Client Reviews

Catherine - Layla

Josh & Julia were excellent with Layla and sent me daily photo updates. Best of all, she came home groomed and with her nails trimmed. Layla seemed to love her stay and I will be going to them in the future for boarding.

Max & Roberta - Sami

Josh and Julia are a true blessing, they are amazing dog trainers and they helped my partner and I understand our very shy and lovely dog ❤ We decided to train our dog with their help and now our puppy is much more relaxed and comfortable with everything happening around him and with us too. We also contacted Josh and Julia every time we needed to leave for a holiday/emergency and were looking for someone to take care of our dog and it went wonderfully! Definitely recommend this place! We’re loyal customers now ❤

Veikko - Milo

Milo enjoyed the stay at the 3dognight-Koirahotelli so much, that we have already reserved him two future dates at the  Koirahotelli.
Milo nautti 3dognight-koirahotellista niin paljon, että varasimme hänelle jo paikan kahdelle seuraavalle Koirahotellivierailulle.

Sara - Levi

We needed a place for our puppy to stay during our move. Josh and Julia took such a good care of our dog. Received updates and pictures of how the stay was going. Would definitely recommend!

Malte & Talitha - Kurpitsa

This is our go-to place whenever we need to leave our rather sensitive dog. Leaving her with Josh and Julia has been easy, trouble-free and puts our mind at peace while we are away. They give the dogs medical checks, which has been helpful to us as they found a small lump, which we can now monitor with the veterinarian. We love the personal approach Josh & Julia have with the dogs, and the home environment they create at the dog hotel.

Gina & Timo - Clyde & Zelda

We have an American Bulldog, who is reactive around other dogs and has some other behavioral issues, so we had a really hard time finding pet sitting services that would be safe and appropriate for him. We were so relieved to find 3 Dog Night because they have experience working with dogs like ours and are able to provide our boy with the kind of care that is suited to his needs. We began working with Josh and Julia for training, which was incredibly helpful because they got to know him a bit before he boarded with them, and they gave us a lot of really helpful strategies to help us manage his behavior. Most importantly, they renewed our faith in his ability to improve and our ability to work with him, as we were feeling very desperate and at our breaking point. Both of our dogs boarded with 3 Dog Night over the holiday season, and it was such a relief to know that they were in good, capable hands while we were traveling. We got lots of photos and updates and a really helpful summary of their stay, and both dogs came home happy and obviously well-cared for. Josh and Julia are kind and gentle people, obviously very knowledgable and passionate about their work, and very responsive – not to mention patient with my repeated “is the hotel ready yet?” emails 😉 We are so grateful we finally found our pet sitters. Thank you so much for taking such good care of our pups!

Michelle - Bailey

We were very surprised Bailey was very comfortable with Josh & Julia at their place once she arrived 3 dog night Koriahotelli as she usually takes days to settle in a new environment. The facility is tranquil, well-organized and surrounded by the woods. Josh & Julia are very knowledgeable, professional and passionate on working with dogs. During the 10-days stay, we received frequent update and beautiful photos of Bailey. We can tell Bailey had a great time at 3 dog night! We’ve already booked the next stay and Bailey is going to have her dogcation with Josh & Julia again soon!

Laura - Edi

Normally, I’m the type of owner that usually worries about anyone watching Edi, because he can be a bit stubborn and difficult for some people to deal with.
However, it was very apparent when we arrived at 3 Dog Night that Edi’s personality wouldn’t be an issues. Josh and Julia exuded calmness and understanding that instantly put me at ease about them watching Edi.
Josh and Julia’s space was nice and I could tell that Edi would have a great time with their dogs there, and that I would not have to worry or second-guess leaving Edi with them.
I will definitely be using 3 Dog Night again for any of my koirahoitala needs, and I’m sure Edi will be thrilled to visit again soon.

Alessia - Malik

Josh & Julia hosted our dog, Malik while my husband and I were away for 20 days.
Everything went very well, we got regular updates about our dog and Malik seemed to be very much enjoying his stay and walks in the forest.
Thank you!

Savannah & Roban - Uma

Our 1.5 year old tibetan terrier Uma stayed with Josh and Julia over Christmas. This was the first time we’d left Uma for over a week so we were a little apprehensive, but Josh kept us regularly updated on how she was getting on, and also sent us photos throughout the stay. Collection and drop-off from Helsinki was also seamless.

Uma definitely had a great time, and we couldn’t recommend 3DogNight enough!

Jonne & Carmen - Demo & Tilia

Exceptional & Amazing care for our dogs! Thank you!

Got our dogs back happy and clean. They considered the dogs’ individual needs to make the settling in less stressy for the dogs. Also got a nice summary of our dogs’ time in care.

We recommend this dog hotel.

Linda - Wela

It was the first time I had left my dog at a hotel and am super happy with 3 Dog Night Koirahotelli! Experienced and knowledgeable staff who smoothly solved pick up and drop off at our hotel. I could feel safe and calm throughout the stay as I received updates via sms during the stay on how they were. It was all topped off by getting a written summary of what they did and how she did 🥰 very fun to read!
Big thanks 🤩