3 dog night
The dog’s Mökki

We know that being separated from their family, regardless of the reason and the length of time, is a stressful experience for any dog (and their owners).

Our aim is to offer as close as possible to a home away from home, and enough fun filled days for your precious pup not to wait longingly by the door for your return, and to come back to you as happy as they arrived.

Doggy day care
Daytime pet sitting at the Mökki
Dog hotel
Short to long term overnight stay at the Mökki
Pick up / Drop off
Optional dog taxi service between your home and the Mökki
Dog walking
Walkies in your area
Behavioural consultation
Assessment and advice for common behavioural issues
Future owner consultation
Full accompaniement throughout the process of adoption of a rescue dog
Any Friend of Clyde’s program
Free services, vouchers, price reduction and emergency temporary accommodations
Jani’s Retirement Club program
Price reductions and long-term arrangements for dogs whose owners move in no-pets facilities